Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Ring

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The romantic and gorgeous Rainbow Moonstone Ring is the focus of this handmade ring. It’s a Unique rainbow color in a beautiful natural stone. This beautiful moonstone ring is a gift or gift for yourself, it will illuminate your best qualities and bring forth creativity and inspiration.


• 14K gold filled & sterling silver

• band: hammered style

• gemstone: Genuine Rainbow Moonstone

• measures stone: 6mm x 8mm

measure band: approx 1.0mm - 1.5mm

shape: oval


***Moonstone Meaning:

represents inner clarity, cyclical change, and a connection to the feminine

It is a symbol of light and hope and also encourages us to embrace new beginnings. It is closely linked to themes of femininity such as fertility, balance, softness, and intuition.


*** It has been used as a stone of protection for traveling at night, voyaging at sea, childbirth, and pregnancy. And some believe it can bring relief from menstrual problems, prevent water retention, cleanse the digestive system, and reduce obesity.