1. What is GOLD FILLED?

Gold-filled components contain 100 times more real gold than gold-plated components and are very durable and tarnish resistant. Gold-filled jewelry is gorgeous and can be worn by people with sensitive skin without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry. Solid gold is of course an exquisite piece of jewelry, but gold filled is the next level and is an amazing, quality alternative to solid gold.


2. What is your jewelry made of?

 Our jewelry is made of 14K gold-filled, 14K rose gold filled and sterling silver, also we have available 14K solid gold. They're high quality and can last a lifetime with care! You can find that listed under the necklace details. Read more about the different types of Metals we use and why we use them.


3. Does your jewelry have a nickel?

No, our pieces are handmade with gold-filled, sterling silver or solid gold metals, does not have nickel, and are hypoallergenic, meaning that anyone with metal allergies can wear them!  


4. Can I shower with my jewelry?

 Always, Gold filled and sterling silver jewelry can withstand normal wear and tear from showering and sleeping in it, 

our TIPS: always clean your jewelry before storing it in its box.


5. How do I care for my jewelry?

for all our clients we give them the polishing cloth for cleaning and polish the new jewelry. Check out our Jewelry Care


6. How do I pick my real necklace size and ring size? 

Check out our Jewelry Sizing Guide. There is a useful necklace chart in there, as well as a ring chart.


7. Do you include an invoice in the package?

No. We are Paperless, we protect our planet.  Since so many of our orders are gifts, we do not include invoices in the packages. If you would like an invoice please leave us a comment in your checkout letting.


8. Jewelry shipped in a gift box?

 Yes. All jewelry is shipping in individual gift boxes.


9. Can I include a personalized gift message with my purchase?

Yes. Please request this before completing your order. 


10. How do I use a Coupon Code?

Once you are on the cart page, you will see a text box next to a button that says “Discount  Code”. Enter your code into that box and hit enter. You will see it reflected in your total. If for some reason the code did not work, please leave us a comment during checkout with the code and we will refund it back to you.


11. What if my piece of jewelry breaks?

We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship so if treated well your new jewelry should last you a long time. However, if your jewelry is damaged, breaks, please Contact Us for repair. This has a fee if end your warranty.


12. Do you offer additional discounts in wholesale?

Yes. We offer additional discounts on 20 items or more. Please Contact Us for special coupon codes.



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