Oval Opal Necklace

Oval Opal Necklace

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gold filled

The romantic and gorgeous Oval Opal pendant is the focus of this handmade necklace. It’s a Unique white fire opal stone, Man-made opals have fewer flaws and a lighter carbon footprint. This beautiful opal ring is a gift or gift for yourself, it will illuminate your best qualities and bring forth creativity and inspiration. 


  • 14K gold filled & sterling silver 
  • gemstone: white fire opal
  • measures stone: 6mm x 8mm.
  • shape: oval
Very Popular for a gift for youself, to Mommy, Grandmother or Friends, you will love them.

 *Opal Meaning:

hope, purity, and truth

However, others maintain that opal takes its name from the Sanskrit 'upala' which means precious stone or jewel. The spiritual meaning of opal is that of hope, purity, and truth. It is also known as a seductive stone that intensifies or amplifies emotional states and releases inhibitions.