About Us

In 2009, Camila Estrella combined her love for fashion with creative talents her own Jewelry Brand.  She inspired by nature and harmony of the universe, Also in feminine and classy.  In each hand-crafted pieces continues to exotic modern designs with natural energy and organic gemstone with contemporary elements.  "each stone is a gift of nature "  is how she inspired by nature. 
After little girl was born, she was studying Goldsmith in her native country and was the best student in such a sort time course and was marking its gorgeous rings with diamonds. "conflict free"
her favorite quote:
❤ "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect" ❤
The Company
Camila Estrella Jewelry is a exotic jewelry brand, Featuring rough gemstone & diamonds and works with Solid Gold, Gold filled Rose Gold Filled & Sterling Silver. All stone are made with energy of Mother Earth & eco friendly. Each pieces is hand-crafted with love by Designer Camila Estrella fabricated in Orlando, Florida. Born in 2009, Camila marries natural energy inspiration with Universe and the Mother Earth combined mixed metals, hand-cast rings & pendants with natural stones to creating a real pieces with real energy of the that gives life to each  pieces, that tell a story.
The designs is hand cut, fired, shaped, hammered and polished. Worked with subtlety to get to the point and perfect finish.


WHOLESALE inquiries are welcome: contact@camilaestrella.com